America's Culture of Crash: A Small Town Story About Demolition Derby

Produced, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Nicholas Blair

Demolition derby is at the heart of the culture in the small rural town of Walton in upstate New York. For many young men and women it is a rite of passage when they compete for prizes and prestige at the local county fair. All original score. 53 min. Broadcast on The Learning Channel.

Our Holocaust Vacation

Produced, Co-Directed, Filmed and Edited by Nicholas Blair

"Our Holocaust Vacation" is a roller coaster ride into the complexities of both atrocity and family dynamics as three generations of of survivors address their history while searching for evidence of their missing family and visiting places important to their mother's past including Auschwitz, the Lodz Ghetto and Maulthausen Concentration Camp. All original score. 58 Min. Broadcast on PBS affiliated channels. 

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