Couple in hot springs with arms and legs entwined in black and white.

Sykes Hot Springs, Big Sur, California, 1990

Old rabbit ear TV on a tall stool with cat sitting under it in black and white

Modern Lovers Commune, San Francisco, 1981

Man eating watermelon looking out motel window with reflections of cars in black and white.

Virginia Beach, 1988

Coupe kissing, holding baby between them while lying on the beach in San Francisco in black and white.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, 1981

Long haired man standing on one leg by phone booth seen through car front window in black and white

Santa Barbara, 1977

Nude women with legs up against rocks in black and white

Ithaca Falls, New York, 1990

Young, slender, women stepping through doorway of dilapidated kitchen in balcony and white.

Modern Lovers Commune, San Francisco, 1985

Truncated shadow of photographer overlooking scene of Aquatic Beach in San Francisco in black and white.

San Francisco, 1977

Idyllic picture of pond in mountains with sun setting behind tress and inner tube thrown in air in black and white.

Granton Mountain, New York, 1983

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